Livres en VO

  • Arabe Si c'est un homme

    Primo Levi

    • Le manuscrit
    • 11 Février 2009

    Attention, cette présentation est la quatrième de couverture à votre livre imprimé. C'est une introduction que vous adressez à vos lecteurs, elle doit susciter leur intérêt, amorcer l'histoire (sans en dévoiler l'issue), planter le décor, introduire le ou les personnages principaux. Elle doit révéler votre style, l'originalité de vos sujets et de vos thématiques. Enfin, cette présentation pourra saisir les enjeux de votre réflexion et vos intentions d'auteur (rédigées à la 3e personne).Attention, cette présentation est la quatrième de couverture à votre livre imprimé. C'est une introduction que vous adressez à vos lecteurs, elle doit susciter leur intérêt, amorcer l'histoire (sans en dévoiler l'issue), planter le décor, introduire le ou les

  • Allemand Antigone

    Jean Anouilh

    • Reclam editions
    • 15 Janvier 1988

    Anouilhs Bearbeitung des Antigone-Stoffes ist ein Klassiker des modernen französischen Theaters und eines seiner meistdiskutierten Stücke. Die zentrale Auseinandersetzung zwischen der Titelheldin und Kreon über Leben und Tod, Staatsräson und individuelle Freiheit hat zu immer neuen Deutungsversuchen geführt und sich doch jeder abschließenden Festlegung entzogen. Ungekürzte und unbearbeitete Textausgabe in der Originalsprache, mit Übersetzungen schwieriger Wörter am Fuß jeder Seite, Nachwort und Literaturhinweisen.

  • Anglais My absolute darling

    Gabriel Tallent

    • Harper collins
    • 6 Décembre 2017

    At 14, Turtle Alveston knows the use of every gun on her wall. She knows how to snare a rabbit, sharpen a blade and splint a bone. She knows that her daddy loves her more than anything else in this world and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her with him.

    But she doesn't know why she feels so different from the other girls at school; why the line between love and pain can be so hard to see. Or why making a friend may be the bravest and most terrifying thing she has ever done.

    Sometimes the people you're supposed to trust are the ones who do most harm. And what you've been taught to fear is the very thing that will save you This book has challenged me like no other. It's a masterpiece. A work of art on a page. I guarantee this book will take your breath away' Joanna Cannon, author of The Trouble with Goats and Sheep Brutal yet beautiful, My Absolute Darling has floored me. Dear Turtle, a heroine amidst the horror. Exceptional, unflinching storytelling' Ali Land , author of Good Me Bad Me An incandescent novel with an extraordinary, unforgettable heroine, both deeply contemplative and utterly thrilling' Observer Thriller of the month There are echoes of Ma's bravery in Emma Donoghue's Room, or the resilience of Cormac McCarthy's protagonists as they struggle to stay alive. Tallent's world is shocking in the truest sense of the word' Irish Times An utterly fantastic read. Every page is brimming with energy. And Turtle Alveston is as enthralling a character as I've encountered in a good long while' Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds

  • Anglais Americanah

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    • Fourth estate
    • 27 Février 2014

    From the award-winning author of 'Half of a Yellow Sun,' a powerful story of love, race and identity.

  • Anglais Beloved

    Toni Morrison

    • Random house uk
    • 30 Novembre 2007

    Terrible, unspeakable things happened to Sethe at Sweet Home, the farm where she lived as a slave for many years until she escaped to Ohio. Her new life is full of hope but eighteen years later she is still not free. Sethe's new home is haunted by the ghost of her baby, who died nameless and whose tombstone is engraved with a single word: Beloved.

  • Le vieil homme et la mer

    Ernest Hemingway

    • Folio
    • 17 Janvier 2019

    À Cuba, le vieux Santiago ne remonte plus grand-chose dans ses filets, à peine de quoi survivre. Seul Manolin, un jeune garçon, croit encore en lui. Désespéré, Santiago décide de partir pêcher en pleine mer. Un énorme espadon mord à l'hameçon...
    Combat de l'homme et de la nature, roman du courage et de l'espoir, Le vieil homme et la mer est un des plus grands livres de la littérature américaine.

  • Anglais Bonjour tristesse

    Françoise Sagan

    • Adult pbs
    • 1 Avril 2011

    The French Riviera: home to the Beautiful People. And none are more beautiful than Cecile, a precocious seventeen-year-old, and her father Raymond, a vivacious libertine. Charming, decadent and irresponsible, the golden-skinned duo are dedicated to a life of free love, fast cars and hedonistic pleasures.

  • Anglais Soumission

    Michel Houellebecq

    • Heinemann ltd
    • 3 Septembre 2015

    In a near-future France, Francois, a middle-aged academic, is watching his life slowly dwindle to nothing. His sex drive is diminished, his parents are dead, and his lifelong obsession - the ideas and works of the nineteenth-century novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans - has led him nowhere. In a late-capitalist society where consumerism has become the new religion, Francois is spiritually barren, but seeking to fill the vacuum of his existence. And he is not alone. As the 2022 Presidential election approaches, two candidates emerge as favourites: Marine Le Pen of the Front National, and Muhammed Ben Abbes of the nascent Muslim Fraternity. Forming a controversial alliance with the mainstream parties, Ben Abbes sweeps to power, and overnight the country is transformed. Islamic law comes into force: women are veiled, polygamy is encouraged and, for Francois, life is set on a new course. Submission is both a devastating satire and a profound meditation on isolation, faith and love. It is a startling new work by one of the most provocative and prescient novelists of today.

  • Anglais Lolita

    Vladimir Nabokov

    • Penguin
    • 26 Janvier 2006

    Humbert Humbert is a middle-aged, fastidious college professor. He also likes little girls. And none more so than Lolita, who he'll do anything to possess. Is he in love or insane? A silver-tongued poet or a pervert? A tortured soul or a monster?! Or is he all of these?

  • Anglais DALVA

    Jim Harrison

    • Pocket books usa
    • 1 Janvier 1991
  • Le K

    Dino Buzzati

    • Librairie generale francaise
    • 26 Avril 1990

    Bilingue Série italienne dirigée par Christian Bec Les ouvrages de la collection bilingue vous proposent :
    - des textes de grands auteurs étrangers ;
    - une traduction fidèle et précise, sans être étroitement littérale ;
    - une introduction critique permettant d'approfondir le sens des textes ;
    - de nombreuses notes de caractère culturel, et des précisions linguistiques éclairant certains partis pris de traduction.
    La collection bilingue permet ainsi au plus grand nombre d'accéder à une réelle compréhension des littératures et donc des cultures étrangères.

    Le K Il Colombre Traduction de Jacqueline Remillet.
    Introduction et notes de François Livi.

  • Anglais Shibumi


    • Headline
    • 12 Mai 2011

    Half German, half Russian, Hel was raised by a Japanese general and survived Hiroshima to become a mystic, a master of the senses, and the most deadly assassin in the world. Nicholai has left his past behind him to live a life of isolation in a remote mountain fortress, determined to attain a state of effortless perfection known as shibumi. Then Hannah Stern arrives at his door. Hannah needs protection from a sinister organization known as the Mother Company. But, as Hel knows all too well, they are not easy to escape. And now they're coming after him too. The battle lines are drawn: ruthless power and corruption on one side, and on the other...shibumi.

  • Anglais CIRCE

    Madeline Miller

    • Bloomsbury uk
    • 19 Avril 2018

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION 2019 THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER SELECTED AS BOOK OF THE YEAR BY BUZZFEED, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH , GUARDIAN , I PAPER, IRISH TIMES , REFINERY29 , SCOTSMAN, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, TIME MAGAZINE, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT , AND WASHINGTON POST From the Orange Prize-winning, internationally bestselling author of The Song of Achilles comes the powerful story of the mythological witch Circe, inspired by Homer's Odyssey Chosen as must-read book of 2018 by the Guardian , i , Mail on Sunday , Sunday Express and Stylist In the house of Helios, god of the sun and mightiest of the Titans, a daughter is born. But Circe has neither the look nor the voice of divinity, and is scorned and rejected by her kin. Increasingly isolated, she turns to mortals for companionship, leading her to discover a power forbidden to the gods: witchcraft.

    When love drives Circe to cast a dark spell, wrathful Zeus banishes her to the remote island of Aiaia. There she learns to harness her occult craft, drawing strength from nature. But she will not always be alone; many are destined to pass through Circe's place of exile, entwining their fates with hers. The messenger god, Hermes. The craftsman, Daedalus. A ship bearing a golden fleece. And wily Odysseus, on his epic voyage home.

    There is danger for a solitary woman in this world, and Circe's independence draws the wrath of men and gods alike. To protect what she holds dear, Circe must decide whether she belongs with the deities she is born from, or the mortals she has come to love.

    Breathing life into the ancient world, Madeline Miller weaves an intoxicating tale of gods and heroes, magic and monsters, survival and transformation.

  • Anglais Home

    Toni Morrison

    • Random house uk
    • 30 Janvier 2013

    It begins with a letter from a woman Frank has never met. A pleading letter. A letter that closed his throat. 'Come fast. She be dead if you tarry.' And that is it all it takes.

  • Anglais 4 3 2 1

    Paul Auster

    • Faber et faber
    • 31 Janvier 2017

    On March 3, 1947 Archibald Isaac Ferguson is born. From that single beginning, his life will take four simultaneous and independent fictional paths. Four boys who are the same boy, will go on to lead four parallel and entirely different lives. Fergusons story rushes on across twentieth-century America. A sweeping story of birthright and possibility, of love and the fullness of life itself.

  • Anglais Just Kids

    Patti Smith

    • Bloomsbury uk
    • 1 Avril 2011

    Winner of the 2010 Non-Fiction National Book Award Patti Smith's evocative, honest and moving coming-of-age story of her extraordinary relationship with the artist Robert Mapplethorpe

  • Anglais Rebecca

    Daphné Du Maurier

    • Virago press ltd
    • 30 Janvier 2003

    Forced by the sudden death of her father to act as paid companion to the comical - and tiresome - Mrs Van Hopper, our herione meets handsome widower Maxim de Winter on a trip to Monaco and accepts his sudden marriage proposal. But she is unprepared for the shadows cast by his past.

  • Anglais Siddhartha

    Hermann Hesse

    • Picador uk
    • 15 Mars 1998

    Siddhartha, sorti en France en 1925, est une profession de foi individualiste contre toutes les doctrines, une condamnation de la puissance, de l'argent, un éloge de la vie contemplative en Inde. Avec ce roman initiatique, Hesse est devenu dans les années 1960 l'un des maîtres à penser de la jeunesse occidentale.

  • Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme

    Stefan Zweig

    • Folio
    • 5 Février 2015

    Une mère de famille s'est enfuie avec un jeune homme sur un coup de tête! Ce scandale rappelle à une vieille Anglaise une autre histoire de coup de foudre : des années plus tôt, au casino de Monte-Carlo, Mrs. C. a rencontré un homme qui en vingt-quatre heures a fait basculer le cours de sa vie.
    Roman de la passion amoureuse, Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme est un grand classique de la littérature du XXe siècle.