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America: The Cookbook is the first book to document comprehensively - and celebrate - the remarkable diversity of American cuisine and food culture. A thoroughly researched compendium of 800 home-cooking recipes for delicious and authentic American dishes, America: The Cookbook explores the country's myriad traditions and influences, regional favourites and melting-pot fusion - the culinary heritage of a nation, from appetizers to desserts and beyond. A unique state-by-state section features essays and menus from a 'who's who' of 100 foremost food experts and chefs.
- Hundreds of recipes from across the USA - from top chefs and writers in every one of the 50 states for home cooks around the world - Featuring contributions from America's most acclaimed food experts, from Adam Gopnik and Adam Sachs to Jonathan Gold and Danny Meyer to Alice Waters and Andrew Zimmern - 600 recipes organized by course, followed by expert essays and menus for each of the 50 states - with detailed indexes to cross-reference everything - A user-friendly iconography system detailing cooking time and other relevant details guides those with dietary restrictions or those simply short on time - Features vibrant book edges in two colours and multi-coloured ribbons

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Gabrielle Langholtz

Gabrielle Langholtz has travelled extensively
throughout America and for a decade was the
award-winning editor of Edible Manhattan
and Edible Brooklyn. Previously, she was the
head of special projects and publicity at the
New York City Greenmarket and authored The
New Greenmarket Cookbook. She resides in
Pennsylvania, though has lived in many states.
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